With the current on-going COVID-19 pandemic raging through-out the world, individuals, businesses and companies have been forced to adapt to a different way of working. At the heart of this adaptation is how to still keep it business as usual, without increasing costs especially because the future is largely unknown.

Virtual offices come in as an option to help businesses and companies keep their operations lean and remote while protecting the interests of their employees and clients.

What is a virtual office?

It is a subscription-based service that allows one to have a physical business address (usually bundled up with other services) while working from wherever it is most convenient. In other words, it is having an office without there being one physically existing.

Why choose a virtual office?
1. You get a professional office address

Perception is everything when it comes to business. The perception that people have about your business is usually at first glance influenced by its location. A professional business address tells clients that you take your business seriously. They do not need to know that you work from your dining room table or a home office set up. This is especially true when you are starting out. Clients are very cautious about fraud and quick to dismiss a business that does not professionally present itself.

2. It saves you money and time

The capital expenditure that goes into setting up a physical office space is high. Putting up a multiple month rent deposit, purchasing of furniture, utility payments, and setting up of technologies, these expenses quickly balloon CAPEX expenditure and have significant amounts of financial resources tied up in liabilities. A virtual office however lets you have it all at a fraction of the cost with very low overhead expenses not to mention the time saved by not commuting.

3. Reduced operational risk

A virtual office makes it possible for one to have less non-operational related liabilities. This also allows a business to test out other potential markets, without making large resource commitments upfront. A business can, therefore, have its presence felt without physically being present in multiple locations.

4. Flexibility

This is perhaps the biggest advantage of a virtual office. It affords you the flexibility to work when and where it suits you and your clients are able to reach you and vice versa. A research carried out by Gallup with regards to remote working, shared data that supports that employees who have the flexibility to work remotely are more engaged and perform better.

5. Little management involved

The virtual office is able to run with little to no involvement of the business. The office upkeep activities are largely managed by the service provider, allowing businesses to focus on their core offerings to clients.

With the working environment morphing to suit the current COVID-19 situation, virtual offices are a worthwhile option to explore for businesses, companies, and organizations alike. At the Kijiji we offer a pocket-friendly virtual office package and are happy to discuss a bespoke offering that is better suited to your business needs. Check out our offer here and reach out to us for inquiries.