Sales is an outcome, not a goal. It’s an indicator that you’ve done things right.

Have you already had someone put down their hard-earned money to pay for your product? Congratulations –  you are already a step ahead!

Selling your product is the only way to validate your business idea. If you can’t sell, you don’t have a business. Sales is what makes the world go round when you’re in business – it gives you revenue to continue running the company and to pay yourself, and it proves to other stakeholders and investors that you are on to something. 

Webinar: Setting sales goals & building a sales funnel

Did you know that you may have to follow up 5 times with a customer before they say yes?

Now that you have built a business plan with Lean Canvas, learnt how to validate your business idea, narrowed down your target market and planned a targeted marketing campaign, it’s time to ensure that all your hard work so far will not go to waste. In this webinar, you will set sales goals and build a sales funnel that is unique to your business in an exercise led by Leo. 

Leonard Korir is the Co-founder & CEO of Mobidev, a mobile-first software consulting company. He has deployed solutions in a number of countries, including Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Nigeria and Somalia and handled major projects for clients including UAP Insurance, The British Council, and Health Consortium Somalia.

Here is the powerpoint presentation that was used during the webinar and a sample sales pipeline for your reference.

Additional Materials:

  1. How to build a sales strategy – Every business must have a dependable, repeatable sales strategy to bring in new business. Building a sales strategy is, therefore, a vital part of any business’s expansion efforts, and often involves creating a process that can then be repeated by wider members of a team. This video is courtesy of KTN-UK.
  2. Here is a podcast that offers information on all aspects of sales for an early-stage business.