Why is Marketing key to your startup?

A great idea can fail due to a lack of customer awareness. How will the world get to know about your amazing product, especially when your marketing budget is tiny? It’s common to undermine the importance of marketing, it is after all one of the most cash burning and time-consuming activities in a startup. However, all the work you put into developing a great product will only be fruitful only when it reaches a high number of people of the right profile. 

This video features Navalayo Osembo, Co-founder and CEO of Enda Running. She will give you an overview of what you should consider in terms of marketing as an entrepreneur with limited resources. 

How do you ensure that you are spending your hard-earned money on marketing that will actually get you customers? High acquisition costs are a known “startup killer”. Part of keeping your costs down is ensuring that your marketing is targeted at the people who are likely to want your product. If you understand your customer, who they are, what they like, their pain points, their trusted information sources, you can create highly-targeted, focused campaigns as opposed to “spraying and praying”, leading to high customer acquisition costs. 


Navalayo Osembo has recently built the brand of Enda Running, the first Africa manufactured running shoe. Proudly made in Kenya, the purpose of Enda Running is to bring running dollars back to the Kenyan economy. 

With the guidance of Navalayo from Enda Running, you will be able to narrow down your target market and build a marketing budget suitable for your pocket. 

Here you will find the powerpoint presentation used during the webinar

This template will help you to narrow down your target user. 

Here is a sample marketing budget.

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