Welcome to the seventh e-learning module where we shall be looking at the legal considerations that early-stage businesses need to make to set themselves up for success in the future.

Entrepreneurs who are just starting out with their businesses often have so many aspects of the business to deal with. From production, to marketing, to sales, to finances. With so much to think about at the beginning, legal matters often catch entrepreneurs off guard.

The following videos make a case for entrepreneurs to start tackling legal matters relating to their business early enough so they are not caught flat-footed when issues come up.


This first video is courtesy of Lawyer Hub and talks about the importance of starting to think about legal matters earlier on in the entrepreneurship journey.

This second video is a workshop courtesy of Future Females. It is hosted by Marsha Aida (LLB. Hons, Dip. KSL) and combines her experience working in corporate law and digital policy, as well as working with tech startup founders. In this workshop, she covers areas entrepreneurs need to have in place to protect their business legally; from registration, signing on partners, approaching loans, managing intellectual property, to tips on how to approach recruitment. With digital marketing taking center stage, and social media sites and platforms becoming risqué depending on the user, knowing where to draw the line can be blurry. Therefore, it is important for businesses to operate within the boundaries of ethical and professional behaviour. As a bonus, this workshop  covers the ethics and legalities around digital marketing