You had a great business idea, you have tested it and found paying customers, and your next step is to find funding to grow beyond your sales revenue. Where will you find this money? What is pre-seed financing? At what point is your business ready for venture capital? How do you find investors?

Build my business activity: Use the to figure out how much funding you need 

This session will cover the foundations of Startup Funding. You will get to understand what the different stages are, where you should look for funding at each stage and the reality of fundraising. You will also learn to create financial projections to present to potential funders. This is critical to your fundraising journey, because those that give you funding will want to know when and how they will get their return on investment. You also need to know how much you need to raise, how much you need to grow and when you will run out of money. 

Derrick Muturi is the Founder & CEO of Herdy. When it comes to fundraising, he has seen it all – raising money from friends, family and fools, crowdfunding for a flight to join an accelerator, credit from banks and of course, raising investment from venture capital. 


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Here is a link to the power point presentation used during the webinar.

Additional Resources

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