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Founders’ Baraza is peer mentoring in the form of a carefully curated Mastermind Group for Founders. It is a curated group of 8-10 founders who meet in person once a month to discuss challenges, get feedback & new ideas, and to hold each other accountable, with a structured format. 

A Founders’ Baraza helps its founders and in turn their businesses grow – to become smarter, faster and happier. It can help you with just about any goal-ranging from organising your business finances to getting your book published or getting over your fear of public speaking.


Joining a Founders’ Baraza offers you, accountability.

You’re going to write an e-book or launch a new campaign, yes? Tell your Baraza, and they will keep you accountable to your goals.

Joining a Founders’ Baraza also offers you camaraderie.

Entrepreneurship isn’t a walk in the park. It’s hard, and as a founder you are expected to know what to do in all situations and have all the answers. Often we simply need someone on our level to talk to. In fact, it’s often in venting sessions that some creative solutions are born.

Joining a Founders’ Baraza also offers new ideas.

The best ideas are born in a safe and trusted environment, through conversations about achievements and failures of like-minded people.