We all need some extra income to supplement our current earnings. Many of us have always dreamt of being our own boss. But when is the right time to start? What is the right hustle to start with?

When thinking of what to start, your best bet is to start with the skills you already have. Consider what you are really good at, then choose an appropriate platform where you can start working. Here are five business ideas that you can pursue with minimal start-up capital.

five business ideas you can pursue

Online Course Creation

With the hunger for knowledge rapidly increasing, there are a number of online platforms coming up. These platforms enable the sharing of learning materials, tutorials and educational content such as Udemy and Skillshare.
With knowledge and skills in any topic, you can curate a course and post it online on one of these platforms. This is how you make passive income easily as people purchase your course and learn from it. You will need to put in marketing efforts from time to time and your course can be a good source of income.

The beauty of knowledge is that it never goes out of style. Making this one of the hustles that are likely to last a lifetime with the proper approach and good quality content. Here are some tips on how you can create and sell a course online.


Freelancing involves working independently without any long term commitment to an employer. Work is based on a contract basis and the freelancer chooses the tasks and companies they would like to work for.
In the current job market, there is an increase in the demand for freelancers as they bring specialised skills in their different fields. Freelancing in an area such as graphic design or writing can be a lucrative side hustle as you build skills in the same field in your day job.

Sites such as Kuhustle, Upwork and Fiverr provide a platform for freelancers to get jobs and also ensure secure payment of the freelancers. These sites provide the opportunity for freelancers to get contracts worldwide. If you are considering starting out as a freelancer check out this guide on what you should consider as you venture into this field.


Contrary to popular belief, many individuals find it quite daunting to put together well-coordinated outfits. That is where you come in. Social media has made it quite easy to build a portfolio by showing off your own style and can be used to attract and retain customers. These customers are interested in paying for your time and effort in sourcing, pairing items and advise on what items suit their tone and personalities all with them making minimal effort/ putting minimal thought into it.

A good example is Sunny Dolat, a Kenyan fashion stylist and production designer whose work with the Nest collective has got attention from world-renowned fashion designer Vivienne Westwood and international feature by WGSN. He uses videos and social media to showcase his work and land him clientele from all over the world.

Professional styling has now gone past the occasional music videos, tv appearances and celebrity red carpet styling. Anyone can be a client now and as a personal stylist, you can diversify your services to image consultancy as well as personal shopping for your clients.

Write an e-book

Ticking the book publishing box off your bucket list has now been significantly simplified. Whatever you are skilled at or knowledgeable about, you can package into a downloadable electronic book and sell it online. Readers are increasingly embracing ebooks.

Here’s how you can write and sell your ebook online:-

  • Research your topic  – pick a subject you are already an expert in. Search online, interview experts for some insights on the topic and read other ebooks on your topic. This is the most time-consuming part of the process.
  • Write an outline – let your ideas flow at first. Write anything and everything learnt from your research. Create five main headings to break up your ideas then create three. Go through your notes and you then have an outline.
  • Creative writing- transfer your outline digital if you have been doing your notes on a notepad. Under each heading break it down in 200-300 words per subheading.
  • Edits and finishing touches – read through to check the grammar and spelling then ask a friend to read it and give notes. Add an introduction, a table of contents and disclaimer if need be. Also, make cover art for your book you can hire a freelancer for this.
  • Publish and sell your book – you can use the amazon author central site to publish your book. Carefully write your book description to grab potential buyers. Next, set your price point for the book. It should be a price that is cheap enough for people to want to buy and high enough for the amazon royalty on your book. Once your book is up, promote it all over social media and also offer it for free from time to time for it to be on the best selling charts.

E-books can be obtained at any time and allow readers to enlarge fonts or use text to speech software to read the text aloud. They range from cookbooks to fictional and romance stories.

Five business ideas you can pursue


Currently, people are consuming content at such a fast rate. There is always a need for more information. That is why you are reading this post and also why google.com is the most visited website in the world.

You can start a blog and share quick updates, personal thoughts and important tips on a certain topic. To grow traffic, choose a topic you are passionate about and constantly churn out relevant, involving and educative content. This will ensure your readers keep coming back for more.

After growing traffic, you can monetize your blog by placing ads on your site. These can cost per click or view ads form marketing networks such as Google AdSense or from advertisers who place adverts on your site at a fee.

With the current Kenyan economy, it isn’t always easy to survive on one source of income. Technology has given us an opportunity to explore other sources of income. Thinking of getting into any of the above hustles? Start today – the sooner you start, the sooner you will reap the benefits!