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The Kijiji values entrepreneurship and wants to ensure that its people are well equipped to take on the world with their impact businesses. For this reason, we run programmes that are geared towards entrepreneurs from all walks of life and at various stages of growth.


A peer mentoring programme in the form of a carefully curated Mastermind Group for Founders. It is a curated group of 8-10 founders who meet in person once a month.


A 1-month programme for both current entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs to educate, inspire and urge them in their entrepreneurship journey and pave a way towards succcess.


Hit the ground running by building your social entrepreneurship programme on our infrastructure, network and expertise. We’re a strategy & delivery partner for startup enablers and early stage social businesses.


Geek out on a useful array of resources available for entrepreneurs of all stages as well as material specifically created for social businesses. Feel free to suggest guides, booklets and templates that you feel we should add.

“If I had worried about everything that could go wrong, I would never have started. Sometimes, you just need to take a leap of faith.”

Ken Njoroge of Cellulant, Kenya

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Flexible membership packages to suit all your needs to help achieve your business goals