Whitebox E-Learning Module 7 – Legal Processes

Welcome to the seventh e-learning module where we shall be looking at the legal considerations that early-stage businesses need to make to set themselves up for success in the future. Entrepreneurs who are just starting [...]

Whitebox E-Learning Module 6 – Sales

You had a great business idea, you have tested it and found paying customers, and your next step is to find funding to grow beyond your sales revenue. Where will you find this money? What [...]

Whitebox E-Learning Module 5 – Sales

Sales is an outcome, not a goal. It’s an indicator that you’ve done things right. Have you already had someone put down their hard-earned money to pay for your product? Congratulations -  you are already [...]

Whitebox E-Learning Module 4 – Marketing

Why is Marketing key to your startup? A great idea can fail due to a lack of customer awareness. How will the world get to know about your amazing product, especially when your marketing budget [...]

Whitebox E-Learning Module 3 – Validation

During this module, you will start to test the assumptions that you made about your idea. Some questions that you could ask yourself could be:  Is the problem I want to solve a big enough [...]

Whitebox E-Learning Module 2 – Pitching

One of the most important skills to have as an entrepreneur is how to present your business. To prepare you for submitting your 1-minute video pitch towards the Fursa vs Economic Recovery Challenge, this module [...]

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