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Today’s greatest challenges won’t be solved by one person or one business alone.

We need to work together.

That’s why we have set up a hub for Nairobians that believe that business and profit should be used in service of people and planet.   

The Kijiji provides her members with a space to work on flexible terms. It also provides a community of people who believe in business as a force for good, learning through programmes and events, as well as consultancy focused on entrepreneurial support.

At the Kijiji, you will find activities for a healthy work-life balance, we will keep you caffeinated whenever you need it, and most importantly, we’ll host a unique ecosystem of resources, inspiration, and collaboration opportunities to grow the positive impact of your work.


The Kijiji - Social Business Coworking Space - Logo

The Kijiji was founded in 2017 by Victoria Nyakundi, Eric Kariuki and Freyja Oddsdottir, on the basis of our experience and passion for supporting social business. Our combined skill set ranges from HR, Finance, IT, Programme Management, Research and Event Management.

From our previous work with East African social entrepreneurs through Ashoka, leadership development with AIESEC and impact sourcing with TechnoBrain, the Kijiji is built on an extensive network of individuals and organisations who are committed to building a better East Africa through business.  

Victoria Nyakundi
Victoria NyakundiCo-founder & Head of Programmes
Vicky is passionate about creating positive and long-lasting change in society. She got her first taste of the social sector in university when she worked with Ashoka as an Outreach Coordinator on the Changemakers Program. Vicky has 9 years of experience in Finance, Operations and Management in Kenya and Uganda. She has worked in startups (Amani Institute) to scaling social enterprises (Village Energy) to international organizations who support social entrepreneurs (Ashoka). She also co-founded Totohealth, which utilises SMS and voice technology to reduce maternal and child mortality.

Vicky enjoys working with numbers and loves to travel. She is also an avid dancer, with salsa being one of her specialities. You might catch a glimpse of her swirling around Nairobi on a good night out.

Contact Vicky via victoria.nyakundi@thekijiji.co.ke

Eric Kariuki
Eric KariukiCo-founder & Head of Operations & Finance
Love, tragedy and duty are the netting connectors of who Eric is today. Running a small family business in response to a death in the family spurred and nurtured his entrepreneurial spirit. Eric’s work experience spans the private and social sector, as he has served as the Global Head of Organizational Development in Techno Brain Group, HR Executive at Bridge International Academies and Regional Director of Talent Management for AIESEC in Chile, Argentina & Uruguay. His expertise lies in talent management, system and process development, law, and how to leverage IT/technology in business.

Eric is the analytical mind of the team, but you’ll soon find that he has a secret poetic edge to him. He is a keen hiker, and has already conquered East Africa’s most menacing mountains.

Contact Eric via eric.kariuki@thekijiji.co.ke.

Freyja Oddsdottir
Freyja OddsdottirCo-founder & Head of Member Experience
Freyja is born and bred in Iceland, but after exploring the world for a few years, she settled on this beautiful country that is Kenya as her home away from home. Before joining the Kijiji founding team, Freyja built a social franchise programme for the Raspberry Pi Foundation in the UK to expand to eight new countries. Before that, she spent 3 years as a Director for a global leadership development organisation, serving in Iceland, New Zealand and Kenya. She has also worked in academia, delivering on-demand research and knowledge services for donors such as UK Aid and the European Commission.

Freyja is a keen cook and baker, and her sourdough starter has travelled the world with her – from Iceland to the UK to Kenya. She also enjoys exploring new places on foot or leisurely bike rides.

Contact Freyja via freyja.oddsdottir@thekijiji.co.ke

Gakenia Kagiri
Gakenia KagiriCommunications & Community Host
Gakenia’s background is in Human Resource Management, but this has not stopped her from venturing into the communications field. Alongside being a certified HR professional with a BSc in HR Management, she also learnt to bake up a storm in baking school.

A young lady after God’s own heart, Gakenia is determined to start a social enterprise of her own soon. During her spare time you will find her working on styling and makeup projects, volunteering with The Cluster Foundation (TCF), chilling with family or exchanging banter with friends. Her love for travelling has seen her explore most of Kenya and a few other parts of the world.

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